For all your home maintenance needs, No job too small.
Artcraft Home
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New York, NY 10008
Artcraft Home
Home Maintenance Sercvices

Artcraft Fence Co.
24 Dumont Ave
Staten Island, NY 10305

Types of Services
  • Installations
    We assemble and install cabinets, shelving, chandeliers, ceiling fans, food disposals, appliances, water filters and heaters, child security ( gates, locks, doors , etc.), playhouses, window treatments, invisible (radio) fences, pests control devices, etc.
  • Repairs
    We fix drywall, tiles & grout, caulking, furniture, curtain rods, running toilets, leaking faucets, old windows and doors, screens, locks, etc.
  • Maintenance
    Schedule any regular home maintenance services with us and save!
  • Custom built
    We make custom built radiator covers, flower planter boxes, mantels and other decorative items for your home.
  • "Wish List" Services
    Make a list of all big and small things in your house that need to be done and we will do bulk of them in one visit for one low price. The longer and the broader this list is, the more you save.

Kinds of jobs

  • Seasonal
    We setup/remove screens and storm windows, do seasonal cleanings, holiday decorations, patio furniture arrangements.
  • Cleaning
    We clean windows, screens, patio furniture, glass and mirrors, chandeliers. Also we do vapor steam cleaning of rugs, upholstery, curtains. In other words, we clean anything your house keeper won't touch.
  • Power-wash
    We power-wash concrete and stone patios, driveways, front steps, sidewalks, house sidings.
  • Painting
    We paint ceilings, walls, trims and details, decks, porches, steps, railings.
  • Carpentry
    We install interior and front doors, windows, attic staircases, railing, cabinets, shelving, partitions, closet interiors, trims and moldings, mantels.
  • Electrical
    We replace and/or repair existing electric fixtures, fix/replace electric outlets and switches.
  • Plumbing
    We fix/replace and stop leaks in faucets, sinks, showers, toilets.
  • Moving
    "A man with a van" services. We can help you move whatever can fit in a minivan.
  • Computers and Electronics
    We install and setup computer hardware, wired and wireless networks, software, games, DVDs and other home audio/video electronics. What's been Hot lately: If you are getting way too many pop-up windows with advertisements and deal offers on your computer, the ones that "help" you not to miss something "valuable", we can help with that too - we will clean it up for you, remove adware (advertisement software) and get rid of viruses.
  • Garden
    We install/repair/clean ponds and fountains, small garden walls, patios and paths.
  • Odd jobs
    Could be anything, just ask!


  • Interior, Exterior, Garden
    We work inside the house, outside and in the garden.

What we do not do

We do not build additions to the houses, we do not replace/fix roofs, we do not deal with heating and major plumbing and we do not make major changes to existing electrical wiring.

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