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Artcraft Home is now introducing

... and a new word for your vocabulary (10% Off when used*):
Dreamscreen    Pronunciation Key  (Drm-skrn)

v. Dreamscreened, Dreamscreening, Dreamscreens

  1. To provide with a Dreamscreens retractable screen: dreamscreen a porch.
  2. To protect, guard, or shield from bugs, no-see-ums, pigeons and UV rays.

Now you see it ...             

           ... now you don't

How it works

The flexible screen mesh is held closed by a full length magnet.  A gentle pull on the handle causes the screen to retract and roll entirely into the small square housing, virtually disappearing when not in use. Garage Dreamscreens are motorized and have remote controls.

  • No bulky swinging doors in the way!
  • Look better from inside & out!
  • Won't hide those beautiful front doors!
  • Don't have to be removed & stored elsewhere all winter!


Dreamscreens are ideal for screening single and double French Doors, sliding glass doors and garage doors.  They can be placed anywhere, where an old-style screen is installed, including windows and porches.  Dreamscreens are great for doors leading from the garage to the home for a cross breeze.

Dreamscreens are extremely versatile: they have been installed in outdoor showers, catering vehicles, trailers, horse stalls and even sailboat cabins!  Call and ask if you have an idea for a new application.  Dreamscreens have been installed  on houseboats, catamarans, and most recently, on a beautiful yacht.



  • Very easy to install
  • Double welded reinforced top and bottom screen edge for far superior wear
  • Deep top guide rail practically eliminates wind blow out
  • Welded spline along entire pull rail, virtually eliminates wrinkles
  • Full-length magnetic seal from top to bottom
  • Available in SIX colors: white, bronze, sand, black, creme & hunter green
  • Full length foam bumper for ultra quiet operation
  • Adjustable spring tension (though seldom required)
  • Sealed dual ball bearings for super smooth operation
  • Heavy duty all aluminum extruded (stronger) structure
  • Adjustable height handle
  • Extremely durable baked-on finish
  • Proud to be made in the USA


Even when closed, dreamscreens are very little visible, or invisible at all. In fact, sometimes they are Dangerously Invisible - people sometimes walk through the closed screens. For that reason it is strongly recommended that while you are getting used to your new dreamscreen, you should tie a couple of threads somewhere in the middle of the screen on the sight level, so that you could see presense of the screen in the door frame when you aproach it.

Installation options

Dreamscreens can be mounted inside the doorframe (flush mount) or on the surface of the interior or exterior molding (face mount). 

Face mount: left hand and right hand doors

Flush mount: left hand and right hand doors

Face mount: double doors

Flush mount: double doors

*All discounts apply to Installed Prices only. Different offers do not combine. Discount offers must be mentioned before the installation to be rewarded.

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