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Fedor Zaitsev from Staten Island , NY    
Please leave your comments about our performance here, tell other people what you like about us, our products and our services the most. Do not ask questions here, instead, if you need our response, please send us an email to

Vera Oliva from Staten Island , NY    on 08/25/2004
I have found Fedor and his staff reliable, neat and thorough

Lydia Zaidman from Staten Island , NY    on 08/25/2004
Fedor did a great job, was professional, and was very concerned that I was pleased with the outcome of his work. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

Elsie S. Love from Staten Island , NY    on 09/17/2004
I was greatly impressed with Fedor's reliability and delightful personality as well as his impeccable work habits and extensive knowledge.I truly believe that there just isn't anything that he can't repair or enhance.

Jeffrey Gross from Staten Island , N    on 10/11/2004
Fedor responded to my problem promptly and professionally. He was also available for consultations by phone. He was informative and honest. I highly recommend him.

Mrs. Rose Volpe from Staten Island , NY    on 10/19/2004
I have used Fedor's services for painting and other work, and in all cases the work has been exceptionally good, always tidy and fast. I couldn't be more pleased. Fedor has been a pleasure to have working in my home and I'll certainly call on him again.

Gloria Wolfe from Staten Island , NY    on 10/22/2004
Fedor has done several jobs for me in the five months. He repaired and stained the deck shown in the photo-gallery. Every job was done very well, and I am happy with the results. He is very meticulous and he completes a job in a timely manner. I strongly recommend Fedor.

Charles J Bartels, president of Bartels and Eleford Inc. Real Estate Brokers and Management from Staten Island , NY    on 11/16/2004
Fedor is an exceptionally good worker, capable of doing all kinds of things. We used him on multiple occasions to do the windows, repairs, painting, carpentry and roof repairs, and in all instances his work was excellent and fairly priced. I would recommend him highly for all types of repairs and decorating, and I look forward to using him in the future for all my needs.

Charlyn Dondiego from Staten Island , NY    on 11/17/2004
Fedor's work is professional and expert. He completes his work and leaves the work space in immaculate condition. Both he and his associate are trustworthy and I fully intend to use them again in the near future.

Joan and Donald Hughes from Staten island , NY    on 11/24/2004
We have found both Fedor and Gene to be expert workers and have used them for a number of jobs both simple and complex.We have found them to be willing and capable and quite resourceful. In addition they are honest and trustworthy and we do not hesitate to leave home while they are working for us.They are a real find, "the best" and we intend to continue to use them. They are part of the "Hughes Team".

Shelia Cruz from Staten Island , NY    on 11/27/2004
Fedor is a blessing. Among a few things he took apart and rebuilt an Armoire that I couldn't get up the stair of my new home(and just couldn't part with).I found him to be reliable, affordable and 100% concerned with how happy I felt about the outcome of his work. You just don't find those qualities in today's world of shoddy workmanship. His number is on my speed dial and I refer him to everyone I know.

The Dodds from Staten Island , NY    on 12/19/2004
Fedor has done many jobs for us. He added an attic storage area, replaced a 4 x 4 section of floor that had been water damaged in the kitchen, installed shower doors and repaired our porch floor with tongue and groove mahogany. His work is well executed and professional. I highly recommend him and his associate Gene.

Genady Mitchenkovs from London SE15 $HP UK ,    on 04/09/2006
Fedor , privet . Ne mog kontaktirovat s toboy ranee . Mozhno li pozdravit vas s Donna s rebionkom ?
Iskrenne , Gene

Fedor from NYC ,    on 05/21/2006
Гена, привет ! Уж чего не ожидал, так это твоего сообщения здесь !!!
Хей, Спасибо за поздравления !!! Тэдька - не ребенок, а просто Супер. Откуда, кстати, ты про него знаешь ? Или ты это просто подразумеваешь ? Лови его фотку, мою самую любимую :-)
И сендани email, что ли, на . Интересно, где ты там сейчас и что у тебя по жизни происходит. Надеюсь, все отлично, ну или, хотя бы, просто замечательно. И про Лондон - это правда или я чего-то неправильно понимаю ? Какие черти могли занести тебя в Лондон ? Ведь котов и здесь не плохо кормят !
Anyway, не пропадай, дай о себе знать !
Я тут обратно в программисты переквалифицировался - намного удобней и с Тэдькой и вообще, artcrafthome пока висит, ждет умелых рук, которым можно было бы доверить работу.

Держи кардан!

just a visitor from ,    on 12/21/2008
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:52 PM):
Ôåäüêà! íó òàê è çà÷åì ìíå îò òåáÿ îòìàõèâàòüñÿ äàæå íå ïðåäñòàâëÿ-ÿþ!
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:53 PM):
Ïûòîê íå âûíîñèøü? áëèí ÷åãî áû òàêîãî âûäóìàòü?
À êàëèáð òî áîëüøèé...çà÷åì?
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:55 PM):
Óìà íå ïðèëîæó! Íó Ôåäüêà-à-à! ñíà÷àëà âûëîæèë ïîëîâèíó...à ïîòîì äóìàé-ãàäàé!
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:56 PM):
Ñïåöèàëüíî ñáåæàë?
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:57 PM):
*MEGA SHOK* òàê è ÷åãî òû òàì "ñäóðåë" òî?
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:58 PM):
Ôå-å-å-åäüêà-à-à óáåæàë!
Окси ‎(12/21/2008 11:59 PM):
Òîãäà ÿ åùå ÷ç 15 ìèí. Çàãëÿíó òû ïîêà ïîäóìàé!

Oksi from ,    on 01/25/2009
Окси ‎(1/25/2009 10:51 PM):
Äàâàé ïàäàé â êðîâàòêó!è çàêðûâàé ãëàçêè! ß èõ ïîöåëóþ!
Окси ‎(1/25/2009 10:54 PM):
Окси ‎(1/25/2009 10:55 PM):
Íå õî÷åøü öåëîâàòüñÿ ïîøëà ÿ...

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