For all your home maintenance needs, No job too small.
Artcraft Home
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New York, NY 10008
Artcraft Home
Home Maintenance Sercvices

Artcraft Fence Co.
24 Dumont Ave
Staten Island, NY 10305

Artcraft Home is proud to be affiliated with Artcraft Fence Co. - the Oldest Fence Company on Staten Island
Artcraft Fence Co. is the oldest existing establishment of its kind on Staten Island. The company was started by Ralph R. Oliva in 1959, and has been servicing Staten Islanders successfully since that time. Because of its reputation as a no-nonsense "deliver-as-promised" company, Artcraft Fence Co. has succeeded in becoming and remaining the most successful fence company on the Island today.

Russian Engineering at your service
Artcraft Home is owned and operated by a Russian engineer, rocket scientist and just a smiley face, Fedor Zaitsev.  Creative thinking and domestic trouble resolving skills are something that comes from that part of the world, 9000 miles from here, and the engineering mind can figure things out. Now he runs a home owner oriented business that helps people with their day-to-day home maintenance needs.


Quality and Service are Number One

Following Artcraft Fence Co.'s good tradition of the best services, we, at Artcraft Home, make quality and service the number one.

Visit Us Now!

Please visit Artcraft Fence and Artcraft Home to view a wide selection of fences, sheds, doghouses and retractable screens BEFORE you buy. We are conveniently located at 24 Dumont Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10305.

Call us anytime, toll-free, at 877-816-2956, or send an email to

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